What is the standard of credible eggs? ---Build the egg traceability system.


Regarding eggs, you may have heard such a saying: "If you eat an egg, feel good, why do you know the hen that lays eggs?" But now it becomes: "Want to eat good eggs, will have to know the hen lays eggs."

This saying shows that people are now eager to know the demand for food sources, and hope that the food they eat can be traced. In one word, traceability is a production control system that can forward and reverse the product for any product.


Through the traceability system, the cycle management of goods from the raw material procurement link, product production link, storage link, sales link and service link can be realized, and the “safety can be early warning, the source can be traced, the flow can be tracked, the information can be inquired, the responsibility can be identified, and the product can be realized. 

So, what is the significance of establishing egg traceability system?

Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein and B vitamins. They are rich in nutrients and are absorbed by the body, making them a frequent visitor on the table.

Some merchants have begun to make a fuss about the name of the eggs, such as earth eggs, ecological eggs, pearl eggs, insect eggs, low-cholesterol eggs, vitamin-enhanced eggs, etc. Consumers will be confused when buying eggs: I do not know how to choose.

In fact, no matter what is the name of the egg, as long as it is a clear source, it will be enough. So how do you let consumers know that the egg is a clear source of eggs? Only through the food traceability system.


How to establish an egg food traceability system?

CYCJET Egg Food Traceability System will printing a qr code with piezo inkjet printer on each egg so that each egg has a unique “ID card” logo, which includes the date of laying eggs, the environment of the farm, epidemic prevention, medication, feed and other information, so that consumers can eat with confidence. Consumers can scan the traceable QR code on the egg by mobile phone. 

For egg companies, through the egg traceability system, once the quality problems of the eggs occur, they can find the responsible subjects in time and quickly respond to them to avoid further losses.

As a well-known manufacturer in the marking industry, Shanghai CYCJET actively responds to the national call and is committed to promoting the development of commodity traceability. The self-developed universal commodity traceability software has received many praises for its clear interface, simple operation and rich functions.

Advantages of CYCJET egg food traceability system:

1. Clear interface and easy operation

The appearance interface of CYCJET egg traceability system is simple and generous, the function distribution is clear and reasonable, the prompts are clear and clear, the user operation errors are reduced, the operation efficiency is improved, and the enterprise management is more time-saving and worry-free.


2. Save business costs and increase production efficiency

Data tracking in the full circulation area controls the production cost of each node, helping enterprises to save costs and improve production efficiency.

3. Strengthen corporate market management

Through the system, the company's market control and control can be strengthened, the anti-smuggling management can be realized, the market can be healthy and orderly developed, and the dealer credit management system can be established at the same time.

How to implement the CYCJET egg food traceability system?

1. Software aspect

CYCJET egg traceability system is realized by software setting operation. It is a universal commodity traceability software platform independently developed by CYCJET. Users only need to apply for an account to log in to CYCJET egg traceability system platform to use raw material information, product information and production. Functional modules such as management, warehousing sales, and statistical analysis.

2. Hardware aspects

The egg traceability system cooperates with the industrial inkjet printer to give the egg a unique qr code identity. The egg manufacturer can arrange the staff to trace the system record, or scan the package with the QR code to record the egg source, test, sales, etc. Key Information.

egg inkjet coding machine.jpg

Also for some small farms or resellers who supply eggs to the market in small quantity everyday, but they still need to do the traceability inkjet printing job. The automatic high speed inkjet printing system is a waste for them. Then how to solve this?

CYCJET provides manual desktop inkjet printer ALT390 which can meet the small printing quantity everyday. This manual inkjet printer has RS232 port and Bluetooth, can connect with the customer’s traceability system to achieve the inkjet printing job.

desktop inkjet printer.jpg

In the future, the establishment of food traceability system for eggs is an irresistible trend. Therefore, establishing an egg quality traceability system is not only a need to adapt to national policies and protect people's health, but also a good way to adapt to market trends and enhance corporate brands.



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