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What changes will 5G bring to all walks of life?


On June 6, 2019, the issuance of 5G commercial licenses marked the official entry of China into the 5G era. The so-called 5G is simply the 5th generation mobile network. It is mainly faster than 4G, with lower network latency and wider application.
Many people say that the arrival of 5G network will promote the leap-forward development of bio-networking. This is also true, because from the literal meaning of the word "Internet of Things", everything is interconnected through 5G networks, and 5G will become A key part.

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What is the difference between 4G and 5G?
The most fundamental difference is that the highest frequency carrier in the 4G network band is limited. The highest frequency carrier in the 4G band is around 2 GHz, and the available spectrum bandwidth is only 100 MHz.
The 5G network will enable "millimeter wave" as one of the available frequency bands, and the millimeter wave has high speed and high bandwidth characteristics.
We can easily understand that compared with 4G networks, the upcoming 5G speed can reach at least 10 times that of 4G, up to 100 times, and the number of supported devices is at least 100 billion, and the download speed is up to 10GB per second. A high-definition movie can be downloaded in less than a second.

Entering the 5G era, the fifth-generation communication technology will provide possibilities for the interconnection of all things. Many devices and carriers that seem to be network-independent in the 4G era will be networked to promote a more efficient and interconnected society, including automobiles. Industrial Internet of Things, enterprise computing, etc.

The 5G era, known as the "fourth industrial revolution," has arrived.

What is the significance of 5G for the fourth industrial revolution?
The first industrial revolution allowed mankind to enter the era of mechanization. The second industrial revolution allowed mankind to enter the era of electrification. The third industrial revolution allowed mankind to enter the era of informationization, and the fourth industry. The revolution will allow mankind to enter an era that has never been seen before, that is, an era of intelligence.
In the future, the 5G-wide IoT network will cover the whole world, connecting widely distributed or cross-regional goods, customers and suppliers to maintain a full connection to the entire product life cycle.
Future factories are a combination of digital virtual and physical reality. ICT technology is integrated with modern manufacturing to increase the flexibility, traceability, versatility and productivity of industrial production, opening up new business models for manufacturing, factories. The boundaries between internal and external are also increasingly blurred. The factory is no longer an independent closed entity, but a part of a huge value chain and ecosystem. This is called a “virtual factory”.

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In short, 5G means that the realization of the fourth industrial revolution marked by intelligent production has realistic conditions and is of epoch-making significance.
How is 5G applied in the food industry?
Now that the era of intelligence has arrived, Big Data + 5G high-speed communication technology has entered the era of "Internet of Everything". Based on big data analysis and assisted traceability system, it can provide big data collection, storage, processing, analysis and service in the whole life cycle of food. The overall solution.
By deploying a food safety traceability service platform based on big data analysis on systems such as cloud data centers and traditional traceability databases, and promoting convenient and efficient data visualization association analysis, the existing data in the retrospective informationized business system will be The way of information and graphics is displayed to help the retrospective investigation, analysis and decision-making of the whole process of food.

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Providing big data from the product traceability system can obtain massive data, which has great reference value for the enterprise's production planning and marketing strategy. Food traceability has important significance for the enterprise, government and consumer.

How is 5G applied in the planting industry?
With the convenience brought by the 5G era, the cultivation and management mode of vegetables and fruits will be simpler. For example, in the case of apples, there is no need to set up monitoring equipment around the planting area, and only one device with 360° positioning and automatic monitoring can be completed. In the data management of a piece of land, Apple's traceability technology will be applied to various industries in the 5G era. Food is active, and the quality of food is related to the health of thousands of households. In the future, food companies should establish corresponding Traceability system.

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Having said that, I believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of 5G. At this stage, there are still many obstacles affecting its overall popularity, but the only certainty is that the future has come. What we have to do next is Wait patiently, a new social form will emerge.



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