The advantages of carton box digital Inkjet printing machine compared with traditional printing machine


The carton box digital printing machine prints the computer files directly on the paper. One sheet is printed without the need for plate making, imposition, color correction, and so on. It can correct errors immediately, change data, and print on demand. Compared with traditional printing machines, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:

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1. Convenient and fast:

Digital printing has an absolute advantage in small and medium batch printing and urgent shipments because it eliminates the cumbersome processes such as plate making, imposition and color correction. All electronic documents generated by typesetting, design software and office application software can be directly output to the digital printing machine.

2. Economic and environmental protection:

Digital printing presses do not require plate-making, and no plate fee is generated, which saves costs; traditional printing presses need to be charged a plate fee regardless of the number. The plate fee is high, usually: 500 yuan -1000 yuan/. In addition, there is no need to wash the Inkjet digital printing machine, no waste ink discharge, no waste gas flexographic production, lower carbon and environmental protection.

3. Flexible and efficient:

The full digitization of digital printing can provide more flexible printing methods, that is, printing while changing, and printing while changing, to achieve a true zero inventory. This flexible and fast printing method enhances the customer's advantage in a competitive environment where every second counts. Because pattern design does not require the traditional printing method of plate making, the design is more free, which can give full play to the designer's professional ability, personalized customization, and tailor the most suitable product for customers.

4. A stamp:

Although the printing time of small batch of printing orders is very short, the complicated and time-consuming printing debugging process is the same as that of mass printing. Therefore, carton printing and color printing generally have a starting quantity, if less than the starting quantity will increase the printing cost of a single piece. Because digital printing differs from traditional printing in its working principle, it does not have the concept of "printing volume". Digital printing can fully realize the requirements of starting printing and waiting. It breaks the limitation of the number of editions of the traditional printing method, and can flexibly carry out various mass production, one person can complete the operation with one person, and the relative production space can be smaller.5. Product quality:

Digital printing uses inkjet printing technology, according to the printing effect of ink color can be divided into ink printing and UV printing. With the continuous improvement of digital printing technology, CYCJET C700 series printing effect can be comparable to traditional high-definition ink printing, while C700 series can achieve the spot color printing effect of traditional offset printing.

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6. Productivity:

The production process of traditional printing presses is complicated, and the delivery time is long. From design-customer review-production-printing-printing-proofing-customer inspection-printing imposition-printing-up-printing-finishing-finished products, traditional printing takes at least three days. The digital inkjet printing technology only needs three steps: design-customer review-finished product, ready to wait, greatly improving production efficiency.

With the development of digital printing presses today, with the expansion of application fields and the concept of complementing traditional printing, it is gaining popularity. Many carton packaging and printing companies have introduced digital printing presses as a supplement or main force for traditional printing. Digital printing technology has become the general trend. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, its market share has become larger and larger, and it will definitely surpass and replace traditional printing.

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