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The Development of Production Date Inkjet Printer


The inkjet printer is an unpopular word for ordinary people, but it is very common in the manufacturing and industrial fields. The product code identification, production date, expiration date, batch number and other information we see when shopping in the supermarket are almost all completed by various types of inkjet marking equipment.


Today, Yuchang will take you to take a look at the "past life and present life" of the production date inkjet printing machine, and let you better understand the development path of industrial marking equipment, and have a systematic understanding of the development and iteration of products. In the future, if there is a need to purchase a printer, it can be judged more quickly and efficiently.


Production date inkjet printer is one of the major categories of identification equipment, mainly refers to industrial equipment specially designed to complete the coding of information content such as product production date. They are generally found in factories or workshops. Some are integrated at the end of the production line. With the operation of the production and processing line, codes are assigned on the product body or packaging; some are manually coded, after the product packaging is completed, the production date is printed on the packaging manually.


In terms of equipment type, production date inkjet printers can be divided into two categories, one is continuous inkjet printer, the other is handheld inkjet printer; in terms of coding form, one is non-contact inkjet printer , one type is the contact inkjet printer.


What are the functions of the production date industrial inkjet printer?


In the early stage of design, the inkjet printer can complete almost all the marking and coding work required by the products on the market. Not only can the production date be printed, but also dynamic data coding can be easily completed, including graphic LOGO, brand name, manufacturer information, specifications and models, anti-counterfeiting codes, QR codes, barcodes, etc.




In addition, it is also possible to complete the connection between various types of smart devices through communication, and connect with the factory ERP\MES\WMS\ traceability platform data to realize multi-level coding and association binding of products, and complete more logo value enhancements with the help of one item and one code.


In general, the inkjet printing machine we purchased at the beginning was only to complete the printing of basic data information such as the production date, but in the later stage, it can be very easy to expand and develop function, and plays a more important role in the factory. It is one of the infrastructures for digital upgrading of enterprises. In the future, the application of production date inkjet printers will face changes and upgrades.


The production date is one of the format information that can be called in the internal editor of the printer software. You can also edit the combination of numbers and dates to complete the disclosure and display of key information in the manufacturing process.


But in the future, we will not only face the coding of key information in the production process, but also face the pressure of transformation and upgrading. Through the two-dimensional code identification, more digital possibilities can be completed, and the whole process of raw materials, production, warehousing, circulation, and terminal sales can be used to better reach channel distributors and consumers.


These functions can be completed not only with a static production date, but we need to integrate the inkjet printer into the entire production and manufacturing environment, cooperate with the production line, connect with the industrial computer or the host computer, and connect with the factory. The internal intelligent management system is connected, and the real-time data is interconnected.


How to buy a production date inkjet printer?


Not only to meet the current product coding needs, but also to be able to cope with the potential upgrade possibilities in the future. Before buying, we need to have a certain understanding and cognition of the brand of inkjet printer.


In addition to the hard indicators, when the basic performance is satisfied, we need to compare things at the price level, such as maintenance costs, accessories costs, warranty policies, etc. These are the points that may generate potential expenditures in the future. As a long-term industrial marking equipment, it is very necessary to know more about it.




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