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Many countries snapped up Chinese masks, ventilators, etc., and started the


According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, as of the 4th, 54 countries and regions, 3 international organizations and Chinese enterprises have signed commercial procurement contracts for medical supplies, and 74 countries and 10 international organizations are carrying out commercial procurement with Chinese enterprises. Negotiate. The current international epidemic is spreading rapidly. Many countries purchase medical supplies from China and start the "self pick-up mode".

Russia: Dispatched military aircraft "tough to pick up their own goods"

On April 4, five military aircraft that took off from Russia successively landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, including the Algerian Air Force 2 Il-76 heavy transport aircraft, the Russian Air Force 2 Il-76 heavy transport aircraft, and the current second largest from the Russian Air Force Transport aircraft An-124.

Subsequently, five charter planes loaded with anti-epidemic materials purchased from China, including masks, returned to Russia on the 4th and 5th.

United Kingdom: Medical supplies imported from China "fill the cabin"

On April 3, the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab announced via social media that the British Virgin Atlantic had just shipped back a whole plane of anti-epidemic materials from China, including 300 ventilators, 33 million masks and 1 million Double medical protective gloves, etc. The British Embassy in China subsequently confirmed that it will import other anti-epidemic materials from China for use in epidemic prevention and control.

Japan: Chinese mask arrived, I feel like a miracle

Since the outbreak, the Japanese government has ordered 15 million masks, which will be distributed to medical institutions nationwide. Among them, 10 million masks imported from China arrived in Chiba on March 30. Currently, Japan imports 10 million masks a week, and the Japanese government plans to increase weekly imports to about 30 million from April.

According to reports, the Japanese trading company responsible for imports said that because the epidemic spread globally, many countries are buying masks from China, so it is difficult to maintain a stable purchase volume. The person in charge of the company said: "China also has more than 10 times the number of masks used in Japan. The worldwide shortage of masks has evolved into a battle for masks in various countries. This time trying to finally get it, it even feels like a miracle. "

Italy: After receiving 22 million masks, another 180 million were ordered

On April 1, local time, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Di Maio said in an inquiry in the House of Representatives that since the outbreak, Italy has received a total of about 30 million masks from overseas, of which 22 million came from China.

Di Maio said that Italy has mobilized all diplomatic forces to assist in global procurement. At present, it has signed a contract with Chinese companies to purchase 180 million masks at the market price, of which the first 7 million have arrived in Italy on March 31. If the future delivery is successful, it will be able to meet the needs of 90 million masks per month across the country.

United States: Governor of Massachusetts personally contacts purchasing

On April 1, a Boeing 767 covered in red, white, and blue, with the words "Patriot" printed on its outer shell, landed at Shenzhen Baoan Airport and shipped 1.2 million N95 masks back to the United States.

It is understood that these masks were personally contacted and purchased by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and the plane that transported the masks was the special plane of the American football team "New England Patriots" who won the All-American Championship six times. It is reported that the masks are produced in China and shipped from Shenzhen.

Why open the "self pick up" mode?

Manufacturing country is the first choice for purchasing

With the rapid spread of foreign epidemics, the problem of insufficient epidemic prevention materials in various countries is very prominent. As a major manufacturing country, China at this stage has become the first place for countries to purchase anti-epidemic materials.

As of the end of March, China's daily output of masks has reached 300 million to 400 million. Many companies have also "cross-border" and "changing lines" to set up masks. Relevant ministries and commissions of the central government have also directly set up "special mask classes" to coordinate and dispatch production nationwide.

"Home delivery" quick and safe

Unlike the cumbersome lease warehouse, freight flights and other modes, "home pick-up" can quickly return the epidemic prevention materials.

Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced that within the next 48 hours, Canada will receive millions of medical masks from China. They also leased a warehouse in China to collect epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible, distribute them to various channels, and finally transport them back to Canada.

However, the transportation modes of leased warehouses and freight flights may often encounter difficulties such as the inability to load warehouses and aircraft. The "home pick-up" model, on the contrary, is able to transport the epidemic prevention materials more directly.



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