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Laser Marking technology apply in the automotive Industries


The application of laser marking in the automotive industry mainly includes two-dimensional code, clear code and other markings; marking of logos, patterns and warning signs; marking of label nameplates; marking of automotive glass 3C certification; production date, serial number Text marking, etc.; marking of light-transmitting buttons, etc.

Under the influence of the purchase tax halving policy, China's auto market recovered significantly in 2016. In the first three quarters, the entire industry sold 19.36 million vehicles, up 13.2% year-on-year. In the past ten years, China’s automobile sales have increased by more than 10 times. At present, China’s 1,000-person car ownership is about 120 vehicles, compared with 800 in the United States, 600 in Japan, and 550 in Europe. The number of possessions is 160. According to the development law of automobile ownership in major countries in the world, the number of thousands of Chinese cars will exceed 300 in the next 15 years. By then, the annual output of automobiles will be 42 million. This shows that China's automobile industry still has a large room for development. . At present, the current situation of China's auto market is that the demand for upgrading and repurchasing in first- and second-tier cities is still large, and the market potential of third- and fourth-tier cities is gradually being released, which provides effective support for the development of China's passenger car market.
As a pioneer and leader in the application of laser industrialization in China, CYCJET laser, one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China, has long focused on laser marking, cutting, welding and other applications in the automotive industry and has done a lot of research. Introduced a series of products specifically for the automotive industry, this article focuses on the many applications of laser marking in the automotive industry.

I. Marking of the laser on the car label and nameplate:
CYCJET laser marking car flexible label special laser marking machine, customized for the characteristics of automotive flexible labels. Widely used in automotive, home appliances and other industries, with rich market experience, mature customer solutions, is the ideal model for flexible label marking!

1. Professional international high-quality laser light source, marking effect matching the high quality of customer products;
2. The marking speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The processing quantity is obviously improved in the same time, and the maximum profit is realized for the customer;
3. Long service life of the equipment, stable laser output power, high reliability, capable of continuous and stable operation for 24 hours, laser maintenance of 100,000 hours;
4. High electro-optical conversion rate, no power coupling loss, no consumables, and minimize the user's use cost.
The machine is suitable for body label, engine label, VIN code label, barcode label, car key label, fuel tank label, airbag warning label, tire pressure label, air conditioning label, cooling system label, car start control label, door label and so on.

II. Marking of laser on automotive glass

III. Marking of the laser on the wheel of the car

IV. Marking of lasers on automotive parts

It can be seen the application of laser marking in the automotive industry mainly includes two-dimensional code, clear code and other markings; marking of logos, patterns, warning signs, etc.; marking of label nameplates; marking of automobile glass 3C certification, etc. Marking; text marking of production date, serial number, etc.; marking of light-transmitting buttons, etc.
Compared with traditional silk screen printing and pad printing, laser marking uses non-contact processing, no consumables, high efficiency and high precision. The equipment has long service life, stable performance, simple operation, saving production cost, and wide application range. Metal and non-metal materials can be processed, and the marked pattern is clear, beautiful and durable.

It is worth mentioning that the application of the quality traceability system of laser marking two-dimensional codes in auto parts and supporting industries has become more and more popular and has become a consistent demand of a wide range of customers in the automotive industry. The laws and regulations on automobile safety have been successively introduced, and higher requirements have been placed on the quality control of automobile complete vehicles, parts and accessories, and the concept of "Internet" has gradually deepened in the manufacturing industry, which has also driven the traditional manufacturing industry to become information-oriented. The direction of automation and intelligence is developing rapidly. In order to improve the policy management of product three guarantees, implement the recall policy of automobile defect products, and realize the information collection and quality traceability of key parts of vehicles, CYCJET laser has been actively promoting the linkage of the middle and lower reaches of the industry, and strives to build a quality traceability system for automobiles and parts. The whole industry chain. The laser marking software used by Huagong Laser Development has built a powerful database support and networking function, which can be seamlessly connected with the database of automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers, automatically complete the establishment of the database and upload information in real time, and communicate with upstream and downstream databases. To achieve the full quality tracking control of the product, as long as the laser-marked QR code is scanned, we can know the manufacturer's source, production date, batch number and so on.
As the leading company in China's laser industry, in the field of laser marking in the automotive industry, from body frame, wheel tires, various hardware components, seat control, steering wheel dashboard, glass, interior, lighting, etc., to supporting vehicles Oil products, accessories, etc., CYCJET laser can provide you with the most professional solutions in the industry. A full range of equipments such as fiber series, UV series, green light series, end pump series, CO2 series, etc., CYCJET laser will continue to help China's manufacturing industry with high quality products and efficient services! Taking "Industry 4.0 Concept" as the engine and "Made in China 2025" as the wheel, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, and make unremitting efforts to become the world's leading laser technology company!



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