How to choose ink jet printers


The application of inkjet coding &  marking equipment is very extensive. As a relatively mature industry, the brand of inkjet printers has also increased with the passage of time. Domestic, import, joint venture, and assembly have emerged in an endless stream. Understanding and understanding of the equipment.  The procurement of each factory is gradually becoming more familiar, so what are the most concerned issues for our users when purchasing the printer?

I. the price of inkjet printers
Price is usually the hottest issue of purchasing. When asking about the equipment that any factory needs to use, the first thing to pay attention to is budget and price control, and the cost reduction during use.  In fact, this idea has certain limitations. Everyone knows that the good horse is good with the saddle. The most important point in choosing a printer is to choose the factory requirements and stability.  Simply choosing the printer with price may not be able to select the requirements that are appropriate for the actual production.
Brand effect, in today's product market segmentation, any product will have a certain brand strategy. At the time of purchase, we need to know the famous inkjet printer brand in the inkjet printer industry. By knowing the development and development history of the entire industry.  For the well-known import brands and domestic brands in the marking industry, there is a certain understanding, so that there is a correct assessment of their prices.

II. the use situation
After shopping through the three products, after the inkjet printer is purchased, the next step we need to do is to assist the printer manufacturer to carry out equipment installation and debugging. In the process of commissioning, the customer factory must arrange technical staff to follow up the study regardless of the industry.  It is best to accompany the whole process of installation, consult on the spot for some unclear matters, get an approved answer, facilitate future study and use, develop the rules and regulations, learn the working principle of the printer, and have a reasonable post-planning.  .
 Another key point that can't be ignored is that we are most concerned about the use of inkjet printer consumables and the learning principle of "printing machine working principle", recording the time and duration of use, ink, solvent, cleaning agent, maintenance and repair.  Time recording is very important, so that we can avoid some unnecessary troubles in the later use, and save the manpower and material resources.

III. after-sales situation
After a long period of use, it is inevitable to encounter some unresolved faults. This is the time to test our equipment suppliers. The most important thing is the speed and efficiency of our after-sales service. These are all in  At the beginning of the purchase, the user will not pay much attention to it. The specific maintenance time should be written in the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the user, and clearly use the inkjet printer to clearly understand the consumption.
As a professional supplier of inkjet printers, we can only give the most professional and meticulous solutions by knowing the user's psychological thoughts and understanding the needs of customers.



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