FAQ of Laser Marking Machine Scanning Galvanometers


I.  The galvanometer motor is not self-locking:
First check whether each connection line has open circuit or short circuit, whether the connection is correct, whether the insurance is intact, and after confirming the error, turn on the power and observe whether the indicator light on the galvanometer drive board is green or yellow. If it is not lit or lights up red, unplug the power cable of the engine board and use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage at each input terminal is ±24V. If the voltage is normal, the side should test the voltage with the driver board and the load. If it is not normal, open the control box and test the switching power supply voltage without load. If the voltage is abnormal, just switch the power supply. damage. After the power input is normal, after all the wires are connected, the motor will usually emit two beeps. If there is no sound, then gently push the lens with your hand, a little bit of strength. If the vibrating lens is not self-locking, then drive. The board is broken. Of course, if the voltage output is normal, the driver board light is not bright or the red light is red. That is the galvanometer driver board or the motor has a problem. At this time, find a driver board that is confirmed to be intact. After the correct connection, turn on the power and vibrate. If the mirror motor is not self-locking, the galvanometer motor is damaged. For the same reason, find a well-confirmed galvanometer motor, connect it to the unpowered driver board, turn on the power. If it is not powered, the galvanometer driver board is damaged. Such repeated connection lines must be carried out in the event of a power failure.

II. The galvanometer motor has self-locking, but it is not enough strength to use a well-confirmed galvanometer driving board and a perfect galvanometer motor, which are respectively connected to the driving board and the vibration lens to be tested, and are normally energized, and gently vibrate by hand. If the mirror axis changes to "hard", it is normal; otherwise, it can be determined that the galvanometer drive plate and the galvanometer motor are damaged.

III. The galvanometer motor does not swing to check whether the marking card has control signal output (note that the signal is -5V to +5V DC voltage signal). If yes, check whether the galvanometer signal cable is connected properly, confirm the connection is correct. Marking, if there is still no swing, check whether the signal line is reversed or disconnected. Otherwise, the drive board may be damaged.

IV. There is a wavy line in the marking, the marking machine has a slight squeak, and the galvanometer driving board generates a slightly higher heat (interference occurs). Check if the grounding wire is properly connected. The best grounding method is: X galvanometer signal ground , Y galvanometer signal ground, shielded wire, 220V power ground, and marking chassis should be connected), if there is still interference after the ground wire is connected, first check whether the marking card is normal (checking method is to use a piece to confirm intact Change the marking card, check to see if there is still interference. If there is still interference, further check whether the galvanometer motor cable is intact, and whether other wires are entangled. If everything is normal, first confirm with a piece. The galvanometer drive board is replaced. If there is no interference, it can be determined that there is a problem with the galvanometer drive board; if there is interference, the galvanometer motor has a problem. (Of course, the company out of the laser maintenance staff, please make sure, if the customer's galvanometer is a product three years ago, the product's resistance to interference will certainly be a little worse, if there is a cell phone signal, motor, motor, around the galvanometer marking head, The magnetic field, or the exposure of the RF signal of the Q switch, may have an effect. This can happen in new ones.)

V. Generate howling
First, as in the fourth step, test the marking card signal, wiring, external interference, etc. If there is still howling, debug the potentiometer on the filter board of the galvanometer driver board. If it still cannot eliminate the howling, you need to return again. The company makes precise adjustments. (Note: You can't be in the howling state for a long time, so as not to burn the galvanometer motor)

VI. The seal is not sealed or over-sealed
Change the "jump delay" in the marking software, such as the light out and off light. If you can't do it, the galvanometer is not fully calibrated. You should return to the company and return to the supplier. The qualified laser repair and after-sales personnel can make certain adjustments according to the galvanometer debugging steps, but pay attention to several potentials. Is the device arbitrarily moved? (See the galvanometer debugging steps)

VII. When marking, there is no laser output under the marking head, but the laser light hole has laser software marking speed is fast, the field lens is not installed, the galvanometer is not moving and the position of the pendulum is not normal, the vibrating lens is off, the vibrating lens dirty. The first few problems are dealt with according to the above method. The vibrating lens peels off and splits. To return to the company, replace the new lens and debug the laser. Vibrate the lens and clean the product with 99% alcohol and cotton wool. If it can't be wiped, it is the center of the galvanometer. In part, or if the edge portion is larger than 1 mm 2 , the vibrating lens should be replaced with the vibrating lens.
The principle of the galvanometer is: input a position signal, the swing motor (laser galvanometer) will swing a certain angle according to the conversion ratio of a certain voltage and angle. The whole process adopts closed-loop feedback control, which is composed of five control circuits, such as position sensor, error amplifier, power amplifier, position distinguisher and current integrator. The principle of the digital laser galvanometer is to convert the analog signal into a digital signal on the principle of the analog laser galvanometer. Scanning laser galvanometer is the core component of the marking machine. The performance of the marking machine depends mainly on the performance of the scanning laser galvanometer.



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