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CYCJET UV Laser Marking Machine helps anti-counterfeiting & tracing of N95 face mask & forehead thermometer production enterprises


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, masks and forehead thermometer have become necessities of life at this stage. However, the huge demand gap has caused some unscrupulous traders to take advantage of it, and a large number of inferior masks and thermometers have been left in the market. Terms related to "fake masks" and "mask scams" have repeatedly appeared on hot searches. Fake masks not only have no protective effect, but also have the risk of being polluted because the production environment is not up to standard, which is extremely harmful to personal health. The most direct way to identify genuine and fake masks is to check the laser anti-counterfeiting marks.

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First of all, the pharmaceutical and medical industries attach great importance to safety and health, so the requirements for product marking are very high, and information such as production date and instructions for use must be permanent. That’s why customer most select fly Laser printer to code products, Not depend on the industrial inkjet printer, screen printing and other traditional methods.

Thethermometer laser coding machine is usually printed with a LOGO on the plastic shell by laser. The laser engraving effect of the ultraviolet laser marking machine has no feel. The font will not yellow due to scorching, which can reflect the brand's grade, and the price of the ultraviolet laser marking machine Compared with the fiber laser marking machine, it can reduce the probability of being counterfeited and play the role of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling.

For boxed 3M N95 / KN95 series masks, face mask UV laser marking machine can be identified by the anti-counterfeit label on the mask packaging box. The label of the real mask will change color from different angles, but the label of the fake mask will not change color. For 3M N95 / KN95 series masks in bulk, the authenticity can be identified by observing the font on the mask. Real 3M mask text is marked by laser jet printer, the font has twill, and the fake is printed by ink, with dots (marks of uneven ink).

Why use a laser jet printer: the characteristics and application advantages of laser marking machine for anti-counterfeiting:

The basic principle of laser marking is to use a high-energy-density laser beam to act on the surface of the material, focus on the surface material to instantaneously vaporize or change color, and control the path of the laser on the surface of the material to form the required permanent map Text. Because laser marking can produce various characters, symbols and patterns, the size of characters can be on the order of millimeters to micrometers, which has special significance for the anti-counterfeiting of products, so it is widely used in the anti-counterfeiting market.

N95 Face Mask UV Laser Marking Machine001.jpgPrior to the large-scale application of laser engraving, markings on packaging were usually printed with ink. The content printed by this traditional method is easy to fall off and blur over time, is easily tampered with, and cannot perform high-precision operations. Despite its advantages in terms of equipment costs, consumables (inks) continue to cost more and cause some pollution to the environment.

Taking the most common food packaging as an example, because the marks printed by traditional methods are easy to erase and fall off, some criminals will print some expired or even fake and inferior products with brand trademarks or modify the production date to make these substandard products Circulate in the market. Such phenomena are common in food, beverage, snacks and other fields. In addition, for some paper food packaging, the harmful substances of ink may also penetrate the packaging to contaminate food, posing a threat to consumers' health.

The emergence of laser coding technology has solved a series of problems caused by traditional ink jet printing. For food packaging, the use of laser marking has the advantages of no toxicity, no pollution, high efficiency, high definition, beautiful patterns, and never falling off. In addition, laser marking can also be combined with computer technology. By linking the database system, we can track and query detailed information such as the factory delivery and circulation of food in a timely manner to ensure that we can rest assured.

The medical industry is inseparable from the escort of the laser marking machine. Because the direct contact between medical products and the human body is related to the lives and health of the people, the counterfeit prevention and anti-counterfeiting of medical products have become a top priority for protecting consumers' health and safety.

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In addition to some of the characteristics mentioned above, the marking of medical devices and medicines also has some special needs. For example, common pills and soft capsules, if lithography will be used to produce pressure on the product, non-contact laser marking will not deform the capsule, and can mark even smaller information on tiny pills. On medical instruments represented by stainless steel surgery and dental equipment, the laser can mark on an absolutely smooth surface, which can prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface, and the marked surface will not damage the chemical passivation treatment of corrosion resistance , Can make the anti-corrosion coating even after years of use and countless times of cleaning and disinfection, it still exists. Another example is the 3M mask mentioned at the beginning, whether or not there is a laser mark is an important sign to distinguish authenticity.

In fact, the laser marking anti-counterfeiting technology can not only be used to identify the authenticity of masks, but also plays a huge role in packaging anti-counterfeiting and traceability in the fields of food, medicine, tobacco, beauty, electronic products, etc. It can be said that laser marking Anti-counterfeiting has been integrated into all aspects of our lives.

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