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Application of Small Character Inkjet Printer in Food Packaging Labeling


The application of inkjet printer in food packaging identification. Small character inkjet printer is used in small food packaging identification, and the inkjet printer used for general small food packaging identification is called Continue Ink Jet Printer, referred to as CIJ type, also known as small character continuous inkjet printer. It continuously ejects ink from a single nozzle through pressure, and breaks after crystal oscillation to form ink dots. into words.



The application of inkjet printer in food packaging carton identification. The inkjet printer used for food packaging carton identification is called Drop on Demand, referred to as DOD type, also known as large character inkjet printer. The nozzle of the ink supply system is composed of multiple high-precision valves. When printing, the valve corresponding to the font is quickly opened and closed, and the ink is ejected by the internal constant pressure, forming characters or graphics on the moving surface. The latest DOD print head can make the color set on the paper with more precise dots, and the print effect is similar to the traditional offset printing. For some enterprises that integrate production, need to change carton information, and have high requirements on the surface quality of external packaging, large-character inkjet printers have gradually been widely valued and used. In developed countries, large-character inkjet printers with outer box packaging labels have long been used, and they play a significant role in the effective management of the logistics industry.


Small character inkjet printers need to increase technical efforts on the one hand. The inkjet printers on the food production line need to be stable and reliable. The food industry belongs to the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The stability and reliability of the production line is the most concerned issue for food companies. For inkjet printers, the problem that the nozzle is easy to block and cause downtime is the most likely to cause trouble to food companies, which is also one of the technical difficulties in the competition of inkjet printers.


First of all, when the machine is not working, the recovery device is driven by the automatic moving system to return to the nozzle position. The nozzle sealing technology will reliably seal the nozzle and the recovery device, and will automatically open when it needs to run and print, so as to completely avoid it prevents dust and impurities from adhering to the nozzle and causes the ink line to be skewed, which effectively preventing the blockage of the nozzle due to the solidification of the printing ink, improving the production efficiency and making the use more stable and reliable.



Secondly, the timing switch function can automatically circulate the printing ink. Therefore, food companies do not need to worry about the blockage of the nozzle due to the solidification of the printing ink during long-term holidays. In addition, food companies can also set the machine to automatically switch on and off at any time.


Third, the built-in diaphragm pump can generate system pressure through the transmission device without mechanical wear, which prolongs the life of the pump, eliminates impurities caused by pump wear, and makes the ink system cleaner, thereby reducing system blockage’ possibility, reducing the number of ink circulations, ultimately reducing solvent volatilization caused by air inhalation into the system, and the ink composition is more stable.


Food companies need to use safe small character inkjet printers. With the global environmental protection theme, the price of raw materials of environmental protection level generally rises, and food companies are not immune to the pressure from cost. Therefore, the energy saving problem of inkjet printers has also become an important part of the cost control of food companies. For example, food production requires food-grade ink, and ink is a chemical substance. How to ensure the safety of edible items is a problem that food companies and inkjet printer manufacturers need to consider.


At present, small character inkjet printers have been more and more widely used in the packaging labels of various foods. How to better ensure the stable performance of the inkjet printers, improve the wiring speed, and reduce the cost of use, etc. It will be a topic of concern for food companies for a long time, and the corresponding technical issues will also become key issues that inkjet printer companies need to continue to study. These issues will be continuously discussed and developed until new products come out, and this process will be repeated over and over again.


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