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A container laser printer is not a "dream"


At the end of 2020, our Yuchang company exported a container of laser marking machine to a certain country, ready to be sent out, perfect statement, a successful end to the headwind 2020, once again demonstrating the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing to continue to lead the world. The Yuchang team also contributed to the realization of the "Chinese Dream" and demonstrated its power.


This batch of laser coding is needed for the expansion of factories of a well-known company in a certain country. Because the epidemic has given birth to the rapid development of localized manufacturing, the original outdated traditional printing technology can no longer meet the needs of efficient production. Therefore, the company has used various channels to support After conducting a detailed investigation on the background of Yuchang Company, it was found through the investigation that the core staff of Yuchang Companys team has been deeply involved in laser coding technology 20 years, and there are many classic cases of internationally renowned cooperative enterprises at home and abroad, and immediately expressed to Yuchang Company. Intention to purchase laser printers.

However, the sudden epidemic in 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to international market development and procurement. Proofing, face-to-face interviews, communication, trust, etc. Before the problems could be easily solved through local visits and on-site inspections, now they can only use virtual reality that spans time and space. The network comes—video conference comes to break through all kinds of difficulties. Yu Chang's technical team and sales team must not only overcome the jet lag, but also cooperate to meet the nearly perfect demanding requirements put forward by the customer procurement team, so that the end of each video conference is the dawn of the East, but Huang Tian pays off the people, as long as they work hard enough , Enough diligence, the dedication is rewarded after all. After several months of communication and negotiation in video conferences, the Yuchang team finally conquered the customers through the perfection of technology, the seriousness of work attitude, and the resilience to grasp the details. The procurement team stood out from several competitors and won the high recognition of the buyer’s CEO: “CYCJET team really a best team, your price not the cheapest one, but CYCJET are best one” (“Yu Chang’s team is very good, although Your price is not the cheapest, but CYCJET is the best")! Finally, in early December, the purchase contract was signed through video connection and the deposit was paid.

In view of the customer's requirement that the goods need to leave the port before the Chinese New Year, the workload of producing hundreds of laser printers in a short period of time can be imagined. However, this once again demonstrates the cohesion of the Yuchang team, daring to think, daring to work hard, all technical and production personnel are in order, and the production is arranged day and night. At the same time, the quality inspectors strictly implement the 72-hour fatigue test. Production and debugging are only to ensure that the laser printer with the best performance is guaranteed to provide customers with every pass, and to live up to the customer's trust and expectations of Yu Chang.




The logistics department is serious, meticulous, tidy, and orderly guarantees, and puts the last pass, and strives not to give customers a screw!


Arrange the packing plan reasonably and pack the packing in full swing. The container is locked and sealed to announce the perfect end of the packing. A small closure seals Yu Chang's completion, which brings customers full of hope and expectations of helping customers to produce efficiently!


       A container laser printer has carried the expectations of customers, carried the trust of customers, and carried Yuchang’s responsibilities and contributions, allowing Yuchang Industry to once again shine on the world stage with its winning strength! 2020, Yuchang Company "There will be long winds and waves, and there will be times when the clouds are sailed straight to the sea" confidence, with the perseverance of "Although it's hard work for thousands of years, the mad sand is blown out and the gold begins to come to gold.", created a headwind, a perfect year-end ending; Yu Chang will continue to set sail, and the blue clouds will go straight up, steady and far-reaching! We are all ready, how about you?

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