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CYCJET Flexible Production Technology Helps Meet the Customized Needs of High-end Tires


In recent years, the "national tide" consumption has prevailed, and the dual improvement of the quality and technical content of Chinese products has made Chinese brands gradually become the mainstream of the consumer market, and the same is true for tire consumption. The rise of Chinese tire brands is obvious to all - the increase in influence has also driven Chinese tire products to begin to impact the high-end market. High quality, personality, and more fashion are the main demands of consumers in the current high-end tire market. The high-tech, high-performance, and high-value liquid gold tires launched by Sailun Group just meet the current market consumer demand.


1. High quality, fashionable, and excellent performance, liquid gold leads the "national tide" fashion


Liquid Gold Tire is the culmination of Sailun's more than ten years of technological accumulation. It uses the world's first liquid phase mixing technology to achieve a new leap in tire performance. This tire is not only energy-saving and wear-resistant, but also has a shorter braking distance, providing drivers with higher safety protection.


At the same time, in order to meet the current consumer demand for "more fashion and more personality", Liquid Gold Passenger Car Tires have launched a colorful series of Liquid Gold tires. The customized color-edged tires make the tires look more stylish when driving.


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Of course, the customized design of the sidewall is more than just a change of color. Personalized lettering on the sidewall can better show individuality, and it is also more conducive to tire companies to upgrade fleet services. After all, the world's well-known tire companies are currently enhancing the comprehensive solutions for fleet operations. Tires with customized sidewall logos are more conducive to improving the grade of Chinese tire products! And CYCJET's laser marking machinecan help tire companies realize the personalized expansion of mobile solutions.


2. CYCJET flexible production technology gives high-end tires wings to take off


In fact, flexible production technology is developed to cope with "mass customization" production, with the characteristics of small batches and a wide variety. Flexible manufacturing can also achieve efficient control of the production process based on its good planning characteristics.


CYCJET laser coding machine's flexible production technology for sidewall marking uses its robot intelligent laser engraving workstation to help tire companies achieve personalized customization of sidewall marking.


The handheld laser marker adopts a new AI algorithm and integrates laser optical path control, robot nanosecond flying photography technology, 3D AI visual motion control, tire curvature laser optical path self-calibration and other technologies. It can efficiently complete customized and small-batch sidewall marking work, meeting the tire companies' requirements for efficient, accurate and reliable sidewall marking.


At the same time, CYCJET laser marking machine can help tire companies practice sustainable development by helping them mark the sidewalls of tires during production. Intelligent laser engraving technology replaces the traditional process of cycle cards and steel tickets, which consumes a lot of materials, labor and error correction costs. The environmentally friendly processing technology allows customers to better implement the concept of sustainable development and help tire companies develop green, environmentally friendly and intelligently.


Currently, global tire giants such as Zhongce Rubber, Double Coin Group, Sailun Tire, Giti Tire, and Linglong Tire have established partnerships with CYCJET's robot intelligent laser engraving workstation. CYCJET's robot intelligent laser engraving workstation has performed more than 12 million tire sidewall logo laser engraving work for its partners.


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In addition, portable laser marking machineshave provided small-batch, customized sidewall marking services to many well-known tire companies, and have been widely praised by the companies.


3. About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd.


CYCJET is a high-tech enterprise that masters the core technologies of motion control in robotics, laser optical path, visual AI, etc. It is also the drafting unit of the tire surface laser etching process standard, committed to the process innovation of the rubber tire industry, and helping enterprises to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and high-quality development. In the future, CYCJET laser marking machine will continue to focus on intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the rubber tire industry, effectively solving corporate needs such as work efficiency, environmental protection regulations and reducing labor intensity.




CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 19 years of experience for R& D different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, and portable marking solution, High Resolution Printing solution in Shanghai China.

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