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The difference between White Ink CIJ Printer and others

About the white color ink Small character inkjet printer, the ink and machine a higher standard than normal inkjet coding machine. Because of the white ink made by pigment chemical materials, it is easy to sediment, so it is have a seriously requirement of the print head grade, this is the important reason of white ink printer. So in order to avoid the sediment of ink, the machine design must be included a mix system, then keep the ink all the time moving, so the ink can smoothly come into head for printing.

Another type Continuous inkjet printer took air power to keep ink moving, then can avoid  ink sediment,  this kind of printer connection a air compressor, then it is realize ink mix all the time, and send ink to printhead smoothly for printing;

Pigment inkjet printer, besides the ink sediment problem, also have another problem is that nozzle clogging. When the ink exposed to the air, it is get ink film, and drying at the surface of nozzle, Test pole, HV plate, negative plate, recoverer, etc..., if can not clean it soon, the residual ink will be block the nozzle; If ink stay at test pole, it is will be affect chargeable; If ink stay at HV plate, it will be affect the ink drop smoothly.

Those reason will be not better for inkjet printer running and printing quality, even short the lifetime of printer, so white ink small character inkjet printer must be regular maintenance, and strictly to operate printer follow the engineer & manual instruction

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