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Why industrial production to use more advanced large character inkjet printer

             Why industrial production to use more advanced large character inkjet printer

Before application Large Character Inkjet Printer, lots of package printed by screen printing or more traditional package solution. Those old printing. solution easy to get problem of printing. So after the CYCJET large character inkjet printer come into markets, it is replace of traditional printing technology soon. However, why we need large character inkjet coding machine?

1.Large character inkjet printer have a nice printing result. It is printing clearly,  also can keep the letter reading long time. And also large character printer control by color touch screen, it is can easy to edit logo or photo and printing with high resolution;

2. Large character inkjet printer is one of multi-function printing solution, based on controller technology, the printer can printing 2D code, barcode, serial number, etc... then it is can meet large format printing on different package;

3. Large character Ink jet printer easy to working with production line. As CYCJET Large character printer designed well compact, so it is easy to integrate with different line, and  fast printing on
paper, carton, glass, metal with large character;

Therefore, as a high-tech crystallization of the large character inkjet printer has replaced the traditional printing methods, has become a modern industrial production line on the most reliable printing. Whether it is food and beverage, tobacco, alcohol, or medical make-up candy, electronic machinery, we can see the work of inkjet printer figure.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.


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