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New Touch Screen Small Character Inkjet Printer T6040 is on sale

CYCJET T6040 touch screen small character inkjet printer is officially on sale 2019. The new model is put on the market at a preferential price. Based on the RFID encryption function, it is committed to providing high quality OEM services for distributors of continuous inkjet printers. The new software and ink path design ensure safe use, and the newly upgraded nozzle structure design makes the nozzle more durable and anti-collision, ensuring stable production.

As a professional inkjet coding & marking brand, CYCJET is a equipment supplier specializing in industrial inkjet printers, laser coding and case coding machine. relying on well technical R&D and manufacture experience, it has continuously used innovative technologies to help manufacturers around the world ,increase productivity and significantly reduce acquisition costs for customers. CYCJET products and services are applicable to all industries worldwide, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, and wire. Cable and electronics.

Market-oriented, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and excellence, has never changed since its inception. This touch screen CIJ Printer is equipped with a 13-inch color touch screen operating system. WYSIWYG makes it easier for operators to operate and maintain the machine. Its compact size and high protection level can face the harsher production environment without affecting it. The printer uses stability and saves ink path design. It is more suitable for the tube industry to produce high-volume products, which effectively reduces the cost of consumables and maintenance costs.

CYCEJT T6040 industrial inkjet printer technical parameters and performance indicators:

Printing performance: 32 dot-matrix, max 5lines printing;

Nozzle throat: super soft, 3 meters in length

Array configuration: 5x5; 7x5; 9x7; 12x9; 16x12; 19x14; 24x17; Chinese 12x12; 16x16

Character height: printable 1-15mm character height

Printing distance: According to the actual situation, you can choose 2mm to 20mm, the optimal distance is 10mm

Operator interface: Chinese / English / Arabic / Russian / Turkish / Spanish / French / Italian / Persian

Printing direction: 360 degree all-round printing

Ink/solvent: intelligent high performance ink (500ml), intelligent high stability solvent (750ml)

Temperature/humidity range: 0-45 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 0-95%, no condensation

Electrical requirements: AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Font: English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic numerals, serial numbers, barcodes, automatic dates, user-customizable logo patterns, Chinese fonts, special fonts

Data interface: RS232, Ethernet, USB

Information storage: 68 print information + 50 pattern information,

Chassis: IP55 protection grade, stainless steel + engineering plastic

Nozzle: Constant temperature nozzle, nozzle aperture size is 40渭m and 60渭m optional

Power: <60W

Net weight: 17KG

Appearance size: 410mmx330mmx435mm

CYCJET supports value OEM service and makes you own small character brand at here, Welcome all dealers to inquiry by sales@cycjet.com  and Whatsapp: 0086 139 1763 1707.

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