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QRCode tracing laser code for automobile injection parts

With the progress of technology, new changes have taken place in the management mode of enterprise management. In recent years, new things, such as shared bicycles, unmanned supermarkets and unmanned 4S stores, are the embodiment of new technology progress. In the enterprise product management, new technology of product tracing management has appeared in recent years. Through this system, enterprises can achieve product management from the whole process of product production and circulation. This system also enables enterprises to improve products with big data technology, and can also achieve new product marketing mode.

In order to achieve product tracing management, there is a software system and a set of hardware systems. The software system is the product traceability management system, and the hardware system includes the spray code equipment and the scanning equipment. The whole process is as follows: traceability traceability system for each product to generate a unique identification code, the code is equivalent to the product of the identity card system, the identification code is transmitted through the network to the printing equipment, printing equipment to the identification code in the form of two-dimensional code jet printing products, products to distributors, dealers use scanning scan two-dimensional code product, scanning the product status back to the traceability system, product distribution to consumers, consumers through mobile phone scanning can also put back to the product information traceability system. Enterprises get a large number of user information through the traceability system, and can help enterprises to improve their products through large data analysis.

Automobile injection parts enterprises can also use the laser code printer to print the product identification code in the form of two-dimensional code to the product surface, so as to achieve the whole injection parts traceability. Yu Chang Industrial focus coding industry for 15 years, in the back printing industry has accumulated rich experience, working experience in a number of enterprises, including agricultural products traceability management, material traceability management, traceability management of auto parts, building materials and other traceability management.

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