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Inkjet code specialty solution for plastic pipe plant and a variety of scheme for inkjet printer

Plastic pipes have PVC/PE/PP and so on. They are black, white, green, red and so on. There are many kinds of applications. How do we spray and print information about the name, type and standard of such plastic pipes?
The machines that can be used for plastic nozzle code have a B series of small character jet machines, and a high analytical printer for the ALT series. The small character jet printer has the advantages of fast printing speed, short drying time and far distance of printing and printing, and it occupies a certain proportion in the spray printing of pipes. The high resolution printer has the characteristics of high printing resolution and obvious printing effect, and it also occupies a certain proportion in the spray printing. The specific choice of what kind of code machine needs to be determined according to the actual needs of the customer.

In addition, according to the customer"s printing content to determine what kind of printer?
If the customer needs to print just the content of digital, alphabet, Chinese characters, small character machines and high resolution machines can. If there are bar code, two-dimensional code, and so on, you need to choose a high resolution machine. The resolution of the small character machine is only 70dpi, the high resolution machine resolution can reach 300dpi, the high resolution bar code and the two-dimensional code scan recognition rate are higher.

In addition to selecting the type of the printer, it is necessary to determine what color printer is used. White and other light pipes can use inkjet printer with black ink. Black plastic pipes generally choose inkjet printer for white pigment ink, and other optional colors are yellow, red, blue and so on. In terms of price, the white ink jet is more expensive than the black ink jet machine. White ink is large particle pigment ink, and pigment particles precipitate easily, resulting in blockage of nozzle. Therefore, it is necessary to add stirring mechanism into machine, so white ink inkjet printer is more expensive.

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