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Laser technology in pharmaceutical packaging display skill to the full

As the carrier of drugs, pharmaceutical packaging plays a very important role in the process of drug transportation and storage. There are many kinds of medical packaging materials, which are divided into carton, plastic, glass, rubber and metal according to the packaging materials. At present, some new composite materials are constantly entering this field.

Laser marking can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, etc., and the size of characters can be from millimeter to micron, which has special significance for product anti-counterfeiting. After focusing very fine laser beam as the tool, can make the material surface by removing, lies in its advanced marking process for non-contact processing, no mechanical extrusion or stress, processed items so will not be damaged; because the laser is very small in size, small heat affected zone, fine processing therefore, technology can complete some conventional methods can not be achieved.

Laser marking in medical and food industry instead of traditional inkjet marking has become inevitable. Laser marking machine has the characteristics of clean, non polluting, no daily maintenance and consumables, marking is very strong, easy to operate and other characteristics, can well solve the common problems encountered in production. The pharmaceutical industry pays attention to safety and hygiene, and requires very high marks in the products. Generally, the spraying marking methods are often not used because of toxic substances such as paint and environmental pollution. Therefore, the best marking method is non-contact and non polluting laser marking. Therefore, the importance of laser marking technology in the medical industry is growing day by day, both in the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment industry, laser marking will become the mainstream.

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