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What are the differences between CO2 laser printer and laser marking machine?

Difference between laser marking machine and laser marking machine
Laser marking machine is to use laser energy to evaporate the product surface material, expose the deep material, thus forming the text pattern, etc., the laser marking machine marking process product does not move, belongs to the static mark. In the marking process of laser inkjet printer, the product is in the state of motion and belongs to the flight marking. Laser marking machine needs to mark moving objects, so laser marking machine is more complex, and hardware and software control for dynamic marking is added. In addition, the time of the emergence of the machine is also different, laser marking machine has been for many years, and the laser inkjet printer has emerged in recent years. The main types of laser inkjet printer are fiber laser inkjet printer, CO2 laser inkjet printer, UV laser inkjet printer and so on.

Working principle of CO2 laser ink jet printer
CO2 laser inkjet machine using CO2 gas into the discharge tube as the lasing medium, when the high voltage on the electrode, the glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, which can cause the gas molecules released from the laser, the laser energy amplification after the formation of the laser beam on the material processing, a high energy density of the laser beam (it is the energy flow in the processed material, irradiation) on the surface of the material surface absorption of laser energy, thermal excitation in the illuminated area, so that the surface of the material (or coating), produce abnormal temperature rise, melting, evaporation, ablation.

Application of CO2 laser ink jet printer
It is suitable for non metallic materials such as bamboo wood, coconut shell, paper, organic glass, PCB board, acrylic, rubber, marble, granite, jade, crystal, leather, cloth and so on. It is applied to craft gifts, advertising decorations, toys, electronic appliances, clothing, medicine, food, paper products and other industries.

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