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Two dimensional code label printer, change information two-dimensional code label inkjet printer

The traditional label printer can only print on the label paper, and it is powerless to print labels directly on the product. For example, if the product has a certain thickness, it can not be printed directly. Today, Let"s get to know a new machine called ALT200, which can easily solve the problem.

The ALT200 Inkjet Printer machine is composed of a spray head system, ink control system, photoelectric control system and software control system. First open the power switch of the machine, the software system of the machine to start up, editing system in the machine, a new piece of information, the information content can be a combination of text, graphics, bar code, serial number, two-dimensional code one or several content. The information to be edited today is a bar code, 3 lines of text and a QRCode two-dimensional code combination information, edit the information, save the confirmation, and then click the jet printing button, the machine will enter the waiting state of jet printing. Open belt, put the product into the end of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt to move forward with the product, when the product moves to spurt the code below the photoelectric sensor, optical electrical system of a printing machine to signal, when the product through the machine under the nozzle, the jet printing products on the edited information.

Product identification information, the first method can be labeled method, the second method can be used to spurt the machine directly to label content printed on the product, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods? The first method labels the product. In the process of product transportation and circulation, the label is easy to fall off, resulting in no identification information of the product. The second method directly labels the content to the product, the label content firmly attaches to the product, will not cause in the product transportation circulation process the mark information to fall off. Another advantage is that directly spray labels on the product, the product looks more beautiful, more able to enhance the quality of product packaging.
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